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About Creative Kids Child Care

At Creative Kids Educare on the Gold Coast our focus is quality child care for our children. When deciding on a childcare or a preschool the number one issue all parents have is peace of mind and knowing that their child is safe, in a secure and happy environment.

Our child care centers work on the policy of having a place where your child can grow, learn and have fun, which is the key factor in deciding where to send your child.

As a parent you are the primary carer and educator in your child’s life, and at Creative Kids Educare Child Care, our job is to support you in this journey and make the transition from preschool to big school an easy one, leaving you free to balance other responsibilities in your life.

Child Care - Gold Coast - Creative Kids Child
Child Care - Gold Coast - Creative Kids Child

Whether it is child care, baby day care or preschool, the foundations that are laid in the early childhood years are an important stepping stone to the big world.

It is our belief that each child is given the opportunity to evolve and develop in an environment that supports their interests, strengths and individualism,as well as nurturing a sense of who they are.

What makes us different?

As a child care centre on the Gold Coast we understand that offering greater flexibility is paramount in meeting the demands of today’s modern parent, which is why our child care centre is open from 6:30am – 6:30pm, 51 weeks a year providing excellent day care to children from 6 weeks to preschool age.

Creative Kids Educare has an open door policy to all parents wanting to participate in the preschool program and child care program to enable your child to reach their full potential.

We also work closely with our local Gold Coast community and schools to enhance opportunities and possibilities for our children at day care, child care and preschool.

We believe in:

  • Genuine, nurturing child care(if a child is happy and safe, they will learn)
  • Taking pride in our surroundings, belongings and our child care center
  • The pure enjoyment of creativity and having fun
  • The importance of fresh air and enjoying the outdoors of the Gold Coast
  • Talking, reading and singing
  • Listening to children and respecting that children communicate in different ways
  • Friendship, teamwork and celebrating success
  • Encouraging independence
  • Form trusting relationships with children and parents
  • Give children a variety of experiences
  • Help children handle change
  • A child care that keeps parents informed and have access to the latest information, updates and procedures at their fingertips
  • Encourage imaginative play
  • Meet our children’s needs
  • Use positive guidance
  • Provide a safe, clean and interesting environment
  • Encourage curiosity, creativity and discovery
  • A child care that meets the parents requirements

At Creative Kids Child Care on the Gold Coast we care about our children and their families and want to provide the best start in life possible, and every day we want to achieve a successful partnership with families for the future development of their child.

Giving children the gift to imagine, create and explore should be a natural part of their day, not a luxury. We would also like to extend the warmest of welcomes to parents and carers to participate and explore through our wide range of activities and programs.

Come into our Gold Coast center and speak to one of our Child Care teachers for more information on securing a place for your child.

Child Care - Gold Coast - Child's Learning

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Child Care - Gold Coast - Child's Learning

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