from 3 to 4 years

Resilience, Problem Solving & Self-Regulation

At this stage of a child’s learning and development journey, they are starting to gain more confidence in themselves and their learning abilities. In the Creative Kids Childcare Centre Kindergarten Room (‘Birin Room’), we implement activities and exercises to foster this, improve their problem-solving skills, encourage resilience and self-regulation, and further nurture relationships with other children.

Kindergarten Focus

There are plenty of activities to cultivate cooperation and encourage group interaction, in turn boosting self-belief. We also teach the language necessary to express their feelings and needs, and encourage open expression of their ideas to help fuel those creative little minds! This can be through play, art and craft, storytelling, dance – whatever it is that makes your little one feel comfortable and understood.

Your child will take part in individual and group activities such as painting, puzzles, dress-ups, storytelling, singing and dancing, plus there is plenty of outdoor play to enhance coordination and foster a love of the environment.

Play-Based Learning & Open Communication

As with all of our rooms, the Kindergarten room offers a play-based learning environment. There is structure to help instill the importance of routine, but activities are ‘child-initiated’ to ensure the learning experience we are providing is tailored to their individual needs. We also strongly value the input of our families and always encourage your feedback and ideas.

How Many Days Do I Enrol My Child?

To maintain consistency and promote adaptability, we recommend enrolling your child into Creative Kids Childcare for a minimum of 2 days. Any less than this can impact how they settle into their surrounds and how quickly they acclimatise to childcare life.

Why Choose Us

as your "home away from home"?

as your
"home away from home"?

Why should you choose us as your ‘home away from home’ to lay the foundations for your child’s learning and developmental journey? Read more to find out exactly what we offer and why Creative Kids is the childcare centre for you and your family.