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A curriculum is what your child will learn throughout the entire year of them being at child care and preschool.

Having a proper curriculum in place for child care and in preschool is paramount to their learning and developing. A preschool curriculum covers a broad range of subjects including academic, social, physical and emotional learning. What your child will learn will also be largely down to the child care centre they attend and what teaching practices, methods and philosophies the preschool follows.

Take a Montessori child care teaching program. There are four main areas the Montessori child care program follows; practical life, sensorial, language and mathematics. The philosophies are to support the child’s ability to absorb knowledge and continue their path of self-construction.

Child Care - Gold Coast - Child Care Curriculum
Child Care - Gold Coast - Child Care Curriculum

Montessori child care centres want to bring the world to the child with globes, maps, songs, land forms, pictures, and learning different cultures through creative arts, music, science and cultural studies.

However all child care centers on the Gold Coast teach the basics that all children will learn whether the child care center you send your child follows a government-approved curriculum or a philosophy of their own.

Basically a curriculum at day care and preschool is the content of a child’s day at kindy. It sets the tone for the entire year and is a map of what your child will learn throughout the year. It includes a wide range of activities and learning experiences.

See below for some examples of what your child’s curriculum at child care may include.

  • Learning letters and the alphabet
  • Numbers
  • Counting
  • Colours
  • Colouring
  • Drawing
  • Gluing
  • Sharing
  • Taking turns in activities
  • Physical activities like; running, jumping, skipping, gymnastics and playing

Child care daytime activities include:

  • Mat time; which includes all kids sitting on the mat for listening time, song time, days of the week, calendar and group learning.
  • Learning how to walk in a line with their kind friends, toy tidy up and the skill of transitioning between activities
  • Learning routines at child care
  • Specialist classes; music, art, library, and sport taught by different teachers
  • Reading time

As simple as all this is to adults, little ones need to learn the basics to prepare them for school and life. And while it may look like child’s play, this is not the case (although kids have a lot of fun at child care) their play is so much more.

Child care centers teach children to interact with other children, taking turns, making friends, problem-solving, creative thinking, cooperating and using their imaginations…all through play based games. A curriculum promotes learning while helping children meet various languages, social, physical and cognitive milestones.

At Creative Kids child care centres we are driven to give your child the very best in education, from baby day care to our preschool program with a qualified teacher. Our teachers at Creative Kids are a dedicated bunch who will provide the highest quality of teaching on the Gold Coast for early learners.

We also have an open door policy that encourages all parents and carers to participate in our child care program we provide for our early learners. Drop in for a chat at one of our child care centres with a fully qualified teacher for more information on what curriculum we provide

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