Choking hazards for young children

Food is a common choking hazard for children, especially those under the age of four as they haven’t quite mastered the art of chewing.

Food blocking the airways can be very scary for both the child and parent, and in some cases fatal. It is important to be aware of some of the foods that are common choking hazards.

A child’s throat is only small, so it only takes a small portion of food to become a real choking hazard.

Choking hazards for young children

Raw fruit and vegetables – Raw vegetables are hard and whilst you might give your child a piece of carrot, if a small portion breaks off it can easily get lodged in their throat.

Grapes – Grapes are hard and both the skin and the grape itself can pose a dangerous choking hazard for children. Preparing grapes correctly and slicing them into quarters is the best way to serve grapes to children under 5.

Nuts and seeds – Children under 4 haven’t always mastered the art of chewing, and nuts and seeds can be quite hard, so whilst they can be a healthy treat it is best to steer clear of them until your child is older.

Popcorn – It might seem harmless enough, but popcorn is a real choking hazard, and one kernel can be enough to lodge into a child’s airways.

Boiled lollies – Boiled lollies can be dangerous as they are hard and can fit perfectly in your child’s airways. Hard candies should not be given to children under the age of 5.

Meat and cheese – Meat and cheese is all part of a healthy and balanced diet but be sure to dice the meat and cheese carefully so they cannot obstruct the airway of your child.

Prevention is Better than Cure

We believe prevention is better than cure, so taking precautions with what you feed a child and how you serve it is important.

At Creative Kids Educare Centre on the Gold Coast all our staff are fully up to date with their first aid and CPR courses in the event of any incident, but we take all due care to ensure that your child is safe and all food served is age appropriate and safe for consumption.

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