Dealing with separation anxiety

Dealing with separation anxiety

Placing your child in child care can be difficult initially for both parents and the child. Whilst the transition period may go seamlessly for some, other children might not handle the situation as well, but this doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s bad for your child, or that you should give up.

Separating from a parent is a normal part of a child’s development, and whilst there may be an element of separation anxiety at the start, most children quickly adapt and the drop off becomes quicker and more enjoyable.

What is separation anxiety?

This answer can vary from child to child, whilst for some children they cling to their parent/s, cry and lash out when they are dropped off at child care, other children can be affected much worse, however it is important to note that more extreme separation anxiety is rare and could require professional treatment.

How can I make the drop off easier?

Separation from parents can be made easier with some simple hints and tips, such as;

They say practice makes perfect and giving your child the chance to practice short bursts without you and demonstrating that you will always return will help put them at ease.

Timing is everything; practice separating from your child when they are in a good mood, generally like most of us, they like to be wide awake with a full tummy.

At Creative Kids Educare Centre finds that a quick goodbye is often best for both the child and parent. Whilst we encourage a quick good bye, this doesn’t mean that you can’t call for a progress report, you might be surprised how quickly they adapt to their new surroundings and new friends.

At Creative Kids Educare Centre on the Gold Coast we have a team of loyal childminders, this is important in giving your child some familiarity with their drop offs.

Stay calm and give them the reassurance that you will return, they will soon realise that the separation is only temporary and that child care is a fun place to be.

A Caring Environment for Your Children

At Creative Kids Educare Centre on the Gold Coast we know how hard the separation can be for both the parents and the child, but knowing your child is in a caring and nurturing environment will help alleviate any concerns and help your child adapt quickly.

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