Raising happy children

Raising happy children

Raising happy and healthy children is the goal of every parent. Scientific studies have shown that happiness is a learned behaviour and to ensure that our kids our happy, we need to find routines and role models to influence their outlooks for the better. To help you, here are some simple tips from the team at Creative Kids Child Care.

Get happy

It might seem simple, but children are far more likely to be happy if you yourself are happy. Parental depression and anxiety can have a major influence on your children, so it’s one of those cases where you must help yourself before you can help others.

Teach them interpersonal skills

Happy children are children with good relationships. Begin by encouraging your children to perform small acts of kindness for others to build empathy. Encourage them to be kind to others and reach out to other children who look like they are sad or lonely. With these skills they can naturally develop positive relationships.

Ask for effort, not perfection

While it’s important to encourage children to always try their best, it’s important that you do not demand perfection. Children with parents that overemphasise achievement are more prone to anxiety and depression disorders. Always praise effort, not natural ability.

Make time for play

As adults, we understand the importance of mindfulness and meditation but it’s important that children are introduced to these concepts. While play might just look like fun, it is an important part of a child’s development and teaches children to enjoy the moment, while combating stress and anxiety.

At Creative Kids Child Care Gold Coast, we are committed to encouraging imaginative play, independence and positive guidance. We believe that children should enjoy the fresh air outdoors as they explore their own sense of curiosity, creativity and discovery. To find out more about our child care approach, call us today.

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