How day care can help your child develop

Children thrive off new and exciting experiences, and child care is a great way to offer your child exactly that.
Child care is not baby-sitting, child-care is the experience of learning through play. For working parent’s child-care is often a necessity, but it can’t be stressed enough the benefits to your child of attending a reputable child-care centre.

Social skills

One of the most important things you can teach a child is social skills, and giving them the chance to play with children of the same age and same development stage is an important first step in socialising your child.
Placing children together in a child-care setting gives them the chance to learn emotional skills, self-control and forge friendships with the help of educators.

Language Skills

The more people children are exposed to the more they will learn. A child’s vocabulary grows exponentially between the ages of 3 to 5, and as sentences become more developed and complex, the influences around them shape and mould the learning process; incorporating a childcare professional into a child’s development and you’re giving your child a great foundation for language.

Cognitive Skills

As your child learns and develops, they will begin to hone their cognitive skills; the more a child’s mind is challenged the more likely they are to excel in this area.

Math and Reading Skills

Child care is a great setting to develop reading and writing skills. Learning language through sharing stories, experiences and play-based activities, children have a great foundation for entering school.

Learn through Play

Children learn through play, and Creative Kids Educare Centre provides a fun, friendly and structured environment where children don’t even realise they are learning. Our educators take advantage of a child’s natural curiosity and harness their potential through role play.

A Gold Coast Child Care Centre with a family feel

Whilst child care isn’t always an option for working parents, choosing a child care centre that you feel comfortable with is. We say to mums and dads that they should go with their gut.

Come and explore Creative Kids Educare Centre on the Gold Coast and talk with our educators. We want you to feel as comfortable with your choice as your children will.

Choosing to go with Creative Kids Educare Centre will give them the confidence, skills and preparation they need for school and life.

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