How kids learn 0 – 3

As children age, they learn and process information in different ways. To help you understand the cognitive development of your child during their first five years, here are some milestones to look out for from our team of child care experts.


Newborns learn by feel, sound, sight and smell and repeat movements to develop and retain memories.

6 months

At 6 months babies begin recognising and responding to their name (often with sounds) and become more and more curious about their surrounds. They explore objects by putting them in their mouth (so watch out!).

1 year

At 1, babies are entering the toddler stage and start to recognise and use objects, such as spoons, toothbrushes and digital devices. They can follow simple instructions and can point to body parts. They will engage in simple pretend play (e.g. feeding a doll) and make connections between words and pictures and react to familiar songs and stories. They will also test cause and effect by throwing objects to the floor or loudly vocalising.

2 years

At 2 years old, toddlers can enjoy more complicated pretend play (e.g. using boxes as props) and assigning people characters. They can group toys by type, size and colour and can complete 3-4-piece puzzles. They can recite favourite books and songs and will start following two step directions. They will also begin recalling past events.

3 years

At 3, children will be able to recall eight or more colours, and recite numbers up to ten. They will begin to understand different times of the day (morning/afternoon/night) and know different days of the week. They can remember and retell their favourite stories and begin to classify things according to similarities and differences. They will also learn to follow simple three-step directions.

At Creative Kids Child Care on the Gold Coast, we are committed to the cognitive development of your child. We provide a range of activities and experiences to grow their developing minds. We give all our students the opportunity to evolve and develop in an environment that supports their individual strengths and interests. If you want to know more about our Child Care Centre, then give us a call today.

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